Smart Competition

IPFEST 2018 Smart Competition will test participant’s knowledge about energy, oil & gas industry and engineering problems by answering correctly the questions given in a limited time. There will be additional innovative games in the final to make the competition more exciting.


- Theme

“Enhancing Your Knowledge through Challenge”

+ Venue & Date

Center for Research and Community Service Auditorium
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
Bandung, Indonesia

Time and Date
Friday, February 23rd 2018
08.00 – End (GMT + 7)

+ General Rules

  1. The competition is open to any student that has experienced learning science petroleum.
  2. All participants must be undergraduate students of their university
  3. Each university can send a maximum of 2 teams (one main team and one backup team) with each team consisting of 3 players.
  4. Total participants of this competition is 18 teams. Any changes will be notified via official account.
  5. The first eighteen (18) teams that have completed the payment process will be automatically invited to IPFEST 2018 Smart Competition. If the participants exceed 18 teams, the priority will be the main team from each university. They will be notified through IPFEST 2018 website and email.
  6. Each team must send minimal 1 person(s) to attend technical meeting that will be held February 22nd 2018. The venue will be notified later through IPFEST 2018 e-mail or official account.

+ Competition Format

  1. IPFEST 2018 Smart Competition will be conducted in 3 stages: Elimination, Semi Final, and Final.
  2. At elimination stage, 3 teams will play in one game that has 20 questions. Every game will have one winner to go to the Semi Final stage.
  3. The Best 6 teams that have passed elimination stage will proceed to the Semi Final stage. In this stage, 2 teams will play in one game that has 25 questions. Every game will have one winner to go to the Final stage.
  4. The Best 3 teams that have passed the Semi Final Stage will proceed to the Final stage. The final stage consists of 2 rounds. In the first round, 3 teams will play snakes and ladder game with time limit of 30 minutes. The second round will be one game that has 35 questions. The team with the highest accumulated point from these 2 rounds will win the Final Stage and will be the first winner of IPFEST 2018 Smart Competition.
  5. Participants are allowed to have discussions with each member of the team
  6. Judges and moderator’s decisions are final and unanimous.
  7. Any changes of rules for IPFEST 2018 Smart competitions will be notified directly through email.
  8. Each teams will be seeded at the technical meeting by random drawing.
  9. The brackets are shown below

+ Tournament Officials

  1. Judges : Each game will have three judges. All judges decision concerning compliance to the rules and awarding of points will be final.
  2. Moderator/host : Each game will have two moderators. The moderators will read the question, consult judges as needed to determine the correctness of answers, award and deduct points, and otherwise enforce the rules of competition. The judges have the right to decide whether moderator can repeat the question or not.
  3. Score keeper : Each game will have one score keeper who will keep the official score.
  4. Time keeper : Each game will have one time keeper. The timekeeper will enforce time limits and supervise the game clock.

+ Equipment Requirement

  1. All games will be played such that each participant in the current game has a "buzzer" – an electronic device that determines which participant buzzes in to answer a question first. Each participant is responsible for monitoring whether his or her own buzzer is operating properly throughout the game. If there is any buzzer malfunctions, the moderator will abort the current question and read the next question.
  2. Pen, pencil, eraser, sheets of paper and calculator are allowed and provided during the competition.
  3. Textbook, cheat sheet, gadgets, and any electronic device are PROHIBITED during the competitions.

+ Time

  1. Tardiness of more than 5 minutes from the scheduled match time may result in a forfeit, unless the lateness is the fault of the tournament, or the tournament officials are satisfied with other good cause.
  2. The clock used by the game officials is the official time and is not contestable.

+ Question

  1. There are 3 types of questions: Tossup question, Bonus question, and Board Game question (only for Final stage)
    1. Toss-up Questions
      • A player may “buzz in” (using his/her buzzer) to answer a toss-up question at any point after the moderator has begun reading the question
      • Once a player has buzzed in, a tournament official will verbally recognize the player by team name and contestant name. If a player repeatedly responds before being recognized, tournament officials reserve the right to invalidate that player's response, turning the question over to the other team, if applicable.
      • If a player buzzes in before the moderator has finished reading, the moderator will stop at that point. If the answer given incorrect, the moderator will continue reading the question for the other team.
      • Players have 5 seconds to buzz in after the moderator has finished reading the question. For calculation question, players have 20 seconds to buzz in after the moderator has finished reading the question.
      • An answer to a toss-up question must begin within 5 seconds after the player has been recognize. An answer started after the timekeeper has said “time” will be treated as no answer and the other team will have opportunity to buzz in.
      • An incorrect answer to a toss-up question may be seized by other team after it is stated as incorrect answer by the moderator or judges. The other team has 5 seconds to buzz for answering the question.
      • Discussions between player in a team before answering a question is allowed. The time will keep going, as the discussion progresses.
      • Decisions as to whether players have exceeded the allotted time to buzz in or to answer may be rendered only by the tournament officials and are not contestable
      • For every correct answer, the team will be given up to 10 points
      • For each wrong or incomplete answer, the team points will be reduced by 5 points
    2. Bonus Question
      • Team will get a bonus question if the answer is right in special toss-up question. Other teams are not allowed to answer the question.
      • A team has 15 seconds to answer a bonus question. The 15 seconds starts when the moderator finishes reading question. If the moderator is asked to repeat the question the time will still be counting down. After 15 seconds the moderator will prompt the team for an answer. Once prompted, the team captain (or another member he/she designates) must immediately begin answering or forfeit the opportunity to answer.
      • A team may begin its answer before the moderator is finished reading all of a bonus question. In such cases, the moderator stops reading when the team begin its answer. If the bonus question contains another part, and the first part was answered correctly, the moderator then reads the next part of the question
      • Discussions between player in a team before answering a question is allowed. The time will keep going, as the discussion progresses.
      • For correct answer of bonus question, the team will be given up to 10 points
      • For wrong answer or incomplete answer of bonus question will not affect the team points
    3. Board Game question (Final stage only)
      • Each team will be given 100 points
      • The board game size is 6x6 with ladders and snakes
      • The order of the team depends on the point from Semi Final
      • Every turn, each team will roll the dice and team character will be move depend on number on the dice (1,2,3,4,5,6).
      • Each square will have different points (10, 20, 30).
      • For every turn each team will be given a question.
      • • The time to answer the question is 5 seconds.
      • Discussion between player in a team before answering a question is allowed. The time will keep going, as the discussion progresses.
      • For every correct answer, the team will be given point depend on the square points.
      • For every wrong answer, the team point will be reduced by half of the square points.
      • When team point become 0, that team cannot continue the board game
      • Team that will cross the finish line will be given a question. If that team fail to answer the question, team character will be back to its original position and that answer will not affect the team points. If the question is answered correctly, that team will be the winner of the board game and will be awarded up to 50 points.
      • When the game exceeds time limit, the tournament officials will stop the game and there will not be awarded points.
  2. Question’s material consists of petroleum engineering (reservoir, production, drilling), petroleum geology, geophysics, petrochemical and geothermal. Questions will consist of history, trivia, current affairs, technical questions, calculations, and problem solving related to petroleum industry.

+ Correct Answer

  1. The moderator will accept only the first answer given by a player.
  2. Common acronyms and abbreviations are often acceptable (e.g., chemical symbols, state postal abbreviations, organizational acronyms), there will be a possibility for the moderator or judges to prompt the player to expand the acronym or abbreviation.

+ Ethics and Conduct

  1. There will be no signaling between team members and the audience. Restricted signaling includes verbal signals, written signals, hand motions, head motions, eye contact, and anything else construed as signaling by the tournament officials. Violation of the signaling rules will result in forfeiture of opportunity to answer the toss-up. Repeated violations can result in ejection and/or disqualification.
  2. Any intimidation, physical contact, and blasphemy from participant to other participants and tournament official will result to point deduction up to disqualification.
  3. Any act of cheating will result to disqualification

+ Result

  1. Tournament official decisions are absolute and final.
  2. Results of all the competition will be announced immediately.
  3. If there is a similarity score in each round, tournament officials will give one additional question (or more-if there is no team who can answer) to be answered. The fastest team who rang the buzzer and answers correctly, will win the game.
  4. In Final stage, the points from quiz game and board game will be accumulated to determine the winner.

+ Award

The Winners of IPFEST 2018 Smart Competition will be awarded money and a certificate:

  1. 1st Place : IDR 4,500,000 + certificate
  2. 2nd Place : IDR 3,000,000 + certificate
  3. 3rd Place : IDR 1,500,000 + certificate

+ Registration

  1. Registration will be conducted in IPFEST 2018 website registration form at www.ipfest2018.com at November 11th 2017 – December 1st 2017 and December 12nd 2017 - January 10th 2018.
  2. Delegates official announcement will be on January 16th 2018 and will be shared at IPFEST 2018 official account and sent directly to delegates email
  3. Please submit all the registration requirements to our official email ipfest2018@gmail.com before December 1st 2017 for the first batch and January 10th 2018 for the second batch.
  4. Only the first eighteen (18) teams which have completed the registration and payment process will be invited to Main Event of IPFEST 2018 Smart Competition at February 23rd 2018.
  5. Should there be any questions, please ask via e-mail to ipfest2018@gmail.com

+ Key Dates

Open Registration (1st Batch) : November 11th – December 1st 2017
Open Registration (2nd Batch) : December 12th 2017 – January 10th 2018
Selection Phase Announcement : January 16th 2018
Competition : February 23rd 2018

+ Contact Person

  • Brian Dwijayanto
  • Head of Smart Competition Division
  • +6283857612622
  • brian120997@yahoo.co.id