Paper Competition

IPFEST 2018 Paper competition is an event that students are encouraged to push the limits of their knowledge and creativity to find innovations or even discoveries in the oil and gas industries. These innovation and discoveries are to be express into the form of a paper by the students. The papers are to be presented by the students to the respectful judges.


- Theme

“Innovation of Method in Oil and Gas Industries to Increase Energy Resilience”

+ Venue & Date

Center of Research and Community Service (CRCS) Building
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
Bandung, Indonesia

Time and Date
Friday, February 23rd 2018
08.00 – End (GMT + 7)

+ General Rules

  1. IPFEST 2018 Paper Competition applicants may only be undergraduate students
  2. Only maximum two author papers are eligible to compete
  3. The competition consists of two main phase. First one is abstract submission, the second one is paper presentation.
  4. The abstract, paper, and the presentation have to be in English
  5. At time of submission, the abstract, paper, nor the presentation have not been published in a professional journal
  6. The topic of the abstract submitted has to be the same with the final paper
  7. Plagiarism is NOT tolerated and will be disqualified immediately
  8. Any kind of reference has to follow APA Citation Format
  9. Fail to obey rules may receive deductions of points or even disqualification

+ Abstract Submission

  • Consist of maximum 425 words
  • The abstract states:
    • Objectives/Scope
    • Methods procedures, process
    • Results, observations, conclusions
    • Novel/Additive Information
  • Writing format:
    • Font type : Times New Roman
    • Font size : 12
    • Spacing : 1.15
    • Margins : left = 3 cm; right, bottom, and top = 2 cm
  • Written in English in pdf format
  • The abstract must be submitted to ipfest2018@gmail.com (cc : insanm@ymail.com) with subject and file name: “PAPER_IPFEST 2018_ABSTRACT_(University Name)_(Team Leader Name)”. The abstract must be submitted maximum December 9th 2017 at 23:59 (GMT +7).

+ Paper Format

  • Written in English in pdf format
  • Writing format:
    • Font type : Times New Roman
    • Font size : 12
    • Spacing : 1.15
    • Margins : left = 3 cm; right, bottom, and top = 2 cm
  • The paper must consist of minimum of 1000 words of text, plus as many diagrams and supporting illustrations as necessary.
  • Each diagram considered to be the equivalent of 250 words
  • The paper must not exceed 7000 words

+ Competition Format

  • Ten best abstracts will be allowed to proceed to the second phase, paper presentation
  • Each participants will be given 10 minutes to present their paper and followed by another 10 minutes for Q∓A
  • Participants must bring at least 3 copies of their paper for the judges
  • During the presentation, a time keeper will be present to notify time checkpoints (3 minutes have passed, 5 minutes have passed, 7 minutes have passed, 10 minutes is up)
  • Only the judges can ask the participants, the audience is not allowed to ask
  • The decisions of the judges are absolute
  • The presentation will be open to public

+ Tournament Officials

  • Judges : There will be 3 (three) judges present. All judges decision concerning compliance to the rules and awarding of points will be absolute.
  • Moderator
  • Timekeeper : The timekeeper will enforce and supervise time limits

+ Awards

The Winners of IPFEST 2018 Paper Competition will be awarded money and a certificate:

  1. 1st Place : IDR 3,000,000 + certificate
  2. 2nd Place : IDR 2,000,000 + certificate
  3. 3rd Place : IDR 1,000,000 + certificate

+ Registration

  1. Registration will be conducted in IPFEST 2018 website registration form at www.ipfest2018.com at November 11th – December 1st 2017
  2. Submit your abstract to IPFEST 2018 email : ipfest2018@gmail.com (cc :insanm@ymail.com) with subject and file name : “PAPER_IPFEST 2018_ABSTRACT_(University Name)_(Team Leader Name)”. The abstract must be submitted maximum December 9th 2017 at 23:59 (GMT +7).
  3. Please submit all the registration requirements to our official email ipfest2018@gmail.com before December 1st 2017
  4. Abstract selection announcement will be on January 16th 2018 and will be shared at IPFEST 2018 official account and sent directly to your email
  5. If your team have passed the abstract selection stage, payment has to be paid before January 30th 2018. Submit your transfer slip to the link that will be given via email after registration
  6. Only ten (10) teams with best abstracts will pass abstract selection and will be invited to Main Event of IPFEST 2018 Paper Competition at Institut Teknologi Bandung
  7. Should there be any questions, please ask via e-mail to ipfest2018@gmail.com

+ Key Dates

Open Registration (1st Batch) : November 11th – December 1st 2017
Abstract Submission Deadline : December 16th 2017 at 23:59 (GMT +7)
Selection Phase Announcement : January 16th 2018
Presentation : February 23rd 2018

+ Contact Person

  • Maulana Insan Kamil
  • Head of Paper Competition Division
  • +6285324293553
  • insanm@ymail.com