Enhancing Energy Resilience through Innovative Collaboration

Energy has become a necessity in every life’s aspects. It cannot be denied that energy is massively used by all society. The commonly used energy source today is a non-renewable energy. Excessive exploitation of energy will result in scarcity of future energy sources that leads to an energy crisis. The energy crisis will be more clearly felt if there aren’t any innovations in seeking for new energy sources and people still go on with their consumptive habits in energy utilization. We, as the young generation, are now playing a major role to ensure that future energy needs can be met properly. It is important for us to work together, equating our vision to figure out the leading solutions for urgent challenges to be solved, namely Energy Resilience. Thus, with this breakthrough theme, IPFEST 2018 is expected as a collaboration venue between any stakeholders to propose solutions to enhance Indonesia's energy resilience, especially in oil and gas.


Smart Competition

A fast – paced quiz where each team will be questioned with technical and nontechnical questions related to the oil and gas industry aspects.

Plan of Development Competition

Challenges the participants to develop an oil and gas site efficiently and economically based on given cases and data.

Paper Competition

Challenges participants to present a paper of theories, innovations or even discoveries on the theme : Innovation of Method in Oil and Gas Industries to Increase Energy Resilience.

Mud Innovative Competition

Emphasizes on how participants formulate drilling mud and solve cases given by drilling mud experts on the theme : Innovation of Drilling Fluids to Enhance Drilling Processes Considering Energy Resilience.

Oil Rig Design Competition

Challenges participants to make a new innovative and creative miniature of semi-submersible oil rig to achieve sustainable of national energy.

Business Case

Challenges participants to apply their knowledge and analysis competence to solve economic-based problem related to oil and gas industry.

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